5 Cosmetic Surgery Trends That are Going to Dominate 2019

Changing faces one procedure at a time

By Helen Wallace source cosmopolitan.co.za

Cosmetic surgery has been increasing in popularity since the 90s and is now a mainstream practice. No longer are people being hush-hush about their treatments but are willing to talk about them openly and share their experiences, both good and bad. I mean, if people want to tweak their appearance that’s their prerogative.

5 Cosmetic Surgery Trends That are Going to Dominate 2019 Source cosmopolitan image Pininterest

Going under the knife (and needle) has become so sought-after that aestheticians and surgeons have come up with more innovative ways to change bodies and faces to meet the needs and wants of their clients. Here are the treatments that are going to be huge in 2019.

1 Lip Lifts

Lip fillers have been a common procedure for some years now (thanks, Kylie Jenner) but people have started to realise that this doesn’t always yield the most natural results. Lip lifts are different, as it’s a permanent procedure rather than a temporary one, and during surgery the area between the top of the lip and bottom of the nose is shortened. This raises the lips edges, making them appear plumper while enhancing the Cupid’s bow. What more could you want?

2 Ultrasonic Nose Jobs

Nose jobs are as popular as ever, but one of their biggest problems with this procedure is that a lot of downtime is required before you can confidently face the world. This is no doubt why ultrasonic rhino-sculpture is becoming so popular – the results are more precise and the healing process is much quicker. Doctors use an ultrasonic energy-emitting probe to smooth out any lumps and bumps. This high-tech device allows for a great-looking nose, less soft-tissue damage and only two weeks in hiding.

3 3D Face Lifts

Changing your face might be great and all, but you know what isn’t? Scarring. While in the past it wasn’t possible to have one without the other, the medical field is pretty amazing and have come up with ways to prevent them. The 3D face lift is one such procedure, where two small incisions are made in front of each ear and the tissue inside the face is pulled back and attached to the cheekbones. This creates a more youthful look without the telltale scars. In other words, your secret is safe!

4 Hybrid Boob Jobs

The boob job is still one of the most common plastic surgery procedures requested in the doctor’s rooms. Whether a patient wants them bigger or smaller, people often feel that they need ‘alterations.’ The new kid on the boob-enhancing block is the hybrid boob job, which combines implants with fat transfers. Fat is harvested from elsewhere in the body and then used in conjunction with an implant to create a more natural look. Seems like enormous, artificial-looking knockers are on their way out.

5 PRP Injections

Ever heard of platelet rich plasma treatments? You’re about to. Celebs, including Kim K and Angelina Jolie, love it and it is already becoming popular across SA. This is where the patient’s blood is drawn and spun to extricate the plasma, which is then injected back into their face, much like the famous vampire facial. Apparently this is an effective way of rejuvenating and regenerating soft tissue, and since the plasma comes from your own body, it is less likely to have adverse side effects.

By Helen Wallace source cosmopolitan.co.za

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