Teeth Whitening Training

Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast

Teeth whitening has become a celebrated treatment to ensure a well-polished appearance is glowing. This is a highly effective process which intails all aspects of safety and knowledge of legislation and restrictions and considered when operating within as a non-dental practitioner. In this training you can access the following modules: Whitening V’s Bleaching What Causes Tooth Staining? How Does Teeth Whitening Work? Teeth Whitening procedure How White Can You Go? Important aspects to a teeth whitening treatment 
Teeth Whitening Risks & Sensitivities Who Shouldn’t Have Teeth Whitening? Hygiene and Safety
Understanding the teeth shade guide No Touch Teeth Whitening What causes tooth staining Procedure After Whitening Care
Client Consent Form Monitoring Client results
Insurance Legislation Advertising and promotion Social Media 
 Included Online Theory Training Theory workbook Full training and take home kit Aftercare sheets

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Teeth Whitening Training


11-19 Banks Place Melbourne CBD and 25 King street Melbourne CBD


$1490 AUD


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1 Day Training