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WHAT WE DO 1. Botox, Filler Thread Lifting​ When it comes to Botox & Filler techniques, Ohkims always considers the anatomical relationship among skins, muscles, fats and bones in order to provide delicate and safe treatment. Thread lifting can improve skin elasticity and restore youthful contour by stimulating the production of collagen fiber in the subcutaneous fat layer. ​ 2. Jowl Contouring, Eye Bag Contouring ​ The first step to anti-aging is to improve and restore the contour of the eye area, midface and jaw line where many changes occur as people get older. Jowl and eye bag contouring treatment is designed to dissolve the fat and remodel the collagen fiber in dermis, therefore leading to plumper and more elastic skin. ​ 3. Deep volume correction with fat​ The deep volume correction method can counteract an aging process by adding autologous fat to the areas of cheekbone and nasolabial folds, which tightens up the droopiness in the face and restores skin to its original position. ​ 4. Laser Combination Treatment​ What concerns people most are melasma, blemishes, pigmented lesion like liver spots, blotchy skin and sagging skin. Ohkims provides laser combination treatments including pigment, vascular and lifting lasers. Based on each patient’s skin condition, Ohkims can develop a detailed and comprehensive plan with a repeated and step-by-step approach. ​ 5. Lipo-plasty​ Like faces, our bodies also age over time and go through many changes in bones, muscles, fats and skins. For example, people can find subcutaneous fat more abundantly on their lower tummy or around the love handle area, at the back of their arms and on their thighs. Through lipo-plasty, patients can regain their body confidence and live a more active life, ultimately having good health.​ 6. Hair Transplantation​ Ohkims is dedicated to transplanting hair using world class technology, and Dr. Cho even co-wrote American and Korean textbooks on hair transplantation. Ohkims specializes in Female Hairline Correction Surgery and Male Baldness Hair Transplantation. Treatments such as hair implanter, slit technique, strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction are always tailored to each patient’s specific condition and needs.

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Korean Clinic Experience Ohkims Dermatology


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