Hyaluron No Needle Filler Training

Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast

How do you create a filler that delivers the same results as an injection but without the need for needles? ​ Let us train you in a safe new aesthetic service . . . ​ Hyaluron No Needle Filler Training is a needle-free dermal filler treatment that offers volumisation, wrinkle correction as well as a contouring of the face and body with natural hyaluronic acid. ​ Skin Regeneration Lipolysis Facial contouring Lip Volumisation ​ The increases dermal thickening and collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid is passed under the skin in a non invasive and needle free method. It is considered much safer as it negates the risk of occlusion / necrosis making this treatment for dermal fillers the safest to date. ​ This training has been specially designed so that it reaches the upper layers of the skin, ensuring safe and legal for beauticians, aestheticians and all other medical professionals.

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Hyaluron No Needle Filler Training


11-19 Banks Place Melbourne CBD and 25 King street Melbourne CBD


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