Hairline Cosmetic Microblading Training

Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast

Learn to advance your skill in the technique of creating realistic looking eyebrows with 3-6d, Blending, Stardust and Hair stroke including BBP Bloodborne Pathogen certificate from America. Course content consist of the following; Day One includes: Permanent(tattoo)vs Semi Permanent (Normal, Hair stroke, Stardust and Blend), The different hairline in the market., Latest techniques in the market, Hairline Design, Hairline Design for Face Shape, 3D Hair stroke design, 3 different techniques of Hair line work, Different types of blade & usage, Practical session on synthetic skin & Home work. Day Two includes 3D Brow Microblading Hair stroke design (with photos sharing), Step by step Microblading (with video sharing), Pigment choice, Conceal, Hairline mapping, Case study, Microblading vs machine types, Practical session on synthetic skin, Home work. Day Three includes: Practical session on live model, Touch up procedure, Q & A session, Certificate of Course Completion presentation. Certificate of completion will be presented after the completion with full kit for microblading tools

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Hairline Cosmetic Microblading Training


11-19 Banks Place Melbourne CBD and 25 King street Melbourne CBD


$1900 AUD


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3 Day Theory and Practical