Dr. Bryan Mendelson


Dr. Bryan Mendelson

Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Bryan Mendelson

109 Mathoura Road, Toorak VIC 3142, Australia



9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday. Time Zone - GMT+10


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Face Surgery


Bryan Mendelson is a specialist Plastic surgeon whose practice is limited exclusively to surgery of the Face. His expertise is sought by people of discerning taste for either of 2 situations. Those who wish to maintain, or restore the freshness of their facial appearance naturally, without any trace of surgery. And those, usually younger people, wanting to enhance their natural attractiveness or even to become more glamorous, by enhancing aspects of their facial appearance. He is known for his extraordinary experience in facial surgery, and his peerless artistic judgement, always with a personal concern for the best care for each patient. His surgical skills, acquired during his 6 years at the Mayo Clinic have been refined to a mastery of advanced facial surgery techniques. It comes as no surprise to learn that, although a local surgeon, his reputation is International. His understanding of the facial structures and how they change with aging, and its application in advanced facelift and eyelid surgery techniques, are influencing surgeons, not only in Australia, but around the world. This is the reason he continues to be invited to teach plastic surgeons including performing demonstration surgery at Symposia, Teaching Courses and Conferences Internationally. "Quality aesthetic surgery can lift the spirits by restoring the sense of wellbeing that facial aging, sadly, so often takes away. But there are no compromises. Only the proper techniques, properly performed can provide a benefit that is natural in appearance and that will slow future aging, to last for years to come. Having aesthetic facial surgery is not an easy decision. It is a journey - a personal and important one - and the patient needs to be carefully supported and cared for at every step, emotionally as well as physically. That is what I and my experienced staff provide." Dr. Bryan Mendelson

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